The success of Apartment Therapy Marketplace is built on providing a trustworthy space for our buyers and sellers. We take this responsibility seriously and never cease to maintain the highest level of security features so you can shop locally with ease.

Trust within the Community

Get to know members better. All members have a corner where you can see their profile, listings, detailed member stats and verifications. Use these details to judge trustworthiness when dealing with members.

Communicate Freely

Our private messaging system adds an extra layer of privacy to communication between members. Report a listing or member as inappropriate and our support team will take immediate action.

Human-powered Connections

Our marketplace for neighborly transactions is run by people. Our whole team is here to make shopping local and afar the best experience. From customer support to dispute resolutions, we will work with you.

Encrypted Data

Our high encryption standards protect your private information while you use our website. The https and green bar on the url is confirmation that encryption is active. 

Fraud Protection

Dedicated to providing quality interactions for our members, we eliminate spammers and fraudsters. We employ automated machine learning tools that detect spam and possible fraudulent activity before it starts.

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