Every member has the option to create a personalized vanity URL for their corner page. Once saved, it is completely unique to your corner and can be shared. 

For example, my corner URL is https://marketplace.apartmenttherapy.com/16712
And with a vanity address added, my corner URL is now:

You can add or change your vanity address anytime, although we recommend keeping the same vanity address if you intend on sharing it publicly. 

If you are trying to add a vanity address and you see the 

  • Is Too Short alert, you'll need to lengthen your vanity address by adding additional characters.
  • Is Invalid alert, you'll need to choose a vanity address that consists of letters prior to any numbers. Vanity addresses consisting of only numbers are not accepted.
  • Already Taken alert, you'll need to choose a different vanity address or a variation of the one you entered as it is already being used by another member.
  • Available alert, you can save it to your account by clicking the Update button at the bottom of the page.

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