Every Marketplace member can upload a profile picture on the About Me section under their account settings. The profile image will be shown next to their username, on their member corner, and on every one of their listings. 

Your profile picture can be an image of yourself or an image that represents your personality.We recommend that you choose a image that you're willing to share publicly online as well as abides by our Terms Of Use

Before you upload your profile image, check to see if:

  • the image file type is a PNG or JPG. No other file types are supported.
  • the image file size is less than 5 MB. Larger files can not be uploaded.
  • the image size is 732 pixel width or larger. High quality images look better.
  • the main portion of the image is viewable within the circular frame. All profile pictures are presented in a circle frame.

Square images where the primary focus is in the center of the photo works best. If you need help editing or re-sizing your image, please contact customer support.

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