Every active published listing by a Marketplace member is automatically included in our listing feed. Generally, listings do not expire unless the posting member has opted to add an expiry date.

To see all available listings, sorted by latest listing date first, set the homepage search to the everywhere location with no keyword entered. 

If you've recently published or promoted your listing, you will be able to see your listing within the first few pages of the above search. However, if it has been awhile since you've published your listing, you may need to add some search filters to narrow the search results and find your listing quickly.

Searches can be narrowed or expanded using filters, keywords and locations. To find your listing, you will want to set the search to your listing's general location. If you are located in one of our popular cities, you may need to narrow the search further by adding keywords (ex. desk, Ikea..) or filters for price, distance, and listing date. 

If you are still unable to locate your listing, it may be because:

  • your listing isn't published. Navigate to your Manage Listings page to see if your listing is still in draft form or has been expired/closed.
  • your listing was accidentally published in the wrong location. Navigate to your Manage Listings page to see if your listing's location is incorrect.
  • your search may be too focused. Broaden the search filters & location to include your listing within the scope of the search.
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