A Blacklisted label by a member's username in your account inbox means means that our fraud detection software has since blacklisted (or barred) that member from the site based on their activity on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. Spammers and scammers are routinely blacklisted from our site. 

If you receive a new message email notification from a blacklisted member, please disregard as it was sent when the member was in good standing, prior to their new blacklisted status.

Blacklisted individuals are unable to gain access to their account and can no longer contact you on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. Their messages are automatically removed from your account inbox and do not count toward your response rate.

Our fraud detection software, in conjunction with other apps, works continuously in the background to spot spammy activity like this as soon as it starts. It also monitors unique data such as device ID, cookies ID, IP address and more so that the same user cannot create a new account and resume spamming.

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