We offer optional paid promotion for active listings through the form of credit purchases. It costs one credit if you would like to promote a listing, which refreshes the listing date and moves it to the top of the listing feed. This action also re-includes your listing in our Weekly Digest email for your area. 

You can purchase credits on our Buy Credits page through packages ranging from 5 credits to 1000 credits. The larger the credit package, the less each individual credit costs. 

Once you've decided on a credit package, click the Buy Now button to proceed to the payment portion of the transaction. Credit purchases are processed through PayPal and can be used with and without a PayPal account. After your purchase is completed, you'll be re-directed back to your Marketplace account and receive an email confirmation.

If your credit purchase was cancelled, it may be because:

  • you terminated the purchase before it had fully completed. You will need to begin the process again to complete the purchase.
  • your PayPal account did not have sufficient funds. You may need to use a credit or debit card to cover the credit purchase.
  • your bank institution prevented the purchase as protection against fraud. You will need to contact your bank directly to remove the block and begin the process again to complete the purchase.
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