To publish a new listing, you'll want to log into your account and click on the Create A Listing button in the top right corner of the website. Before the system will allow you to publish a listing, you'll need to fill out all of the information fields as specified:

  • Title - A maximum of 50 characters is allowed.
  • Juicy Details / Description - A maximum of 8000 characters is allowed (250 for Google Shopping).
  • Keywords - A maximum of 20 keywords can be added.
  • Photos - At least 1 image must be added (5MB max, JPGs or PNGs).
  • Payment - At least $1 is required.
  • Delivery Options - At least one delivery type is required.
  • Location - Must be a full postal address (#, Street, City, State, and Zipcode).
  • Publish Also To - optional
  • Expiry Date - At least one expiry option is required.

If you have filled out the above fields as specified and you are still unable to publish your listing, your account may be:

  • Disabled. You will need to re-enable your account under Settings before publishing a listing.
  • Bounced. You will need to contact customer support to remove the bounced status of your account before publishing.
  • Limited. You will need to verify your account email address before publishing.
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