Members can upload their own corner background image or choose one of our pre-loaded background image options to customize their corner. 

To edit your corner background, sign into your account and navigate to your corner by clicking on your username dropdown and selecting View My Corner. On your corner page, click on the Edit Background button to review the available image options or upload your own photo. Once an image has been chosen or uploaded for your corner background, it will always appear on your corner until you decide to change it.

If the image you've uploaded appears blurry or is cut off by the constraints of the space, you may need to choose a higher quality image or re-size the image to better fit the allotted space. 

The minimum size recommended for your corner background image is 1280 x 400 pixel width or bigger. The image file type cannot exceed 5 mb in size. If you need help editing your image, contact customer support for further assistance.

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