Member stats are a great way to get to know a buyer or seller before contacting them. You can view your member stats on the right hand column of your Corner About page. These stats are automatically calculated by the system based on your activity on the site. 

Member Stats can include:

  • Member Since – When they joined the community.
  • Physical Location – Their location set by our system.
  • Certified – Basic identity verification.
  • Email Verified – Has direct access to email on file.
  • Facebook Friends – Connected to Facebook account.
  • Twitter Followers – Connected to Twitter account.
  • Number of Listings – All listings active and past.
  • Conversations – Conversations with other members.
  • Response Rate – How often they reply to messages
  • Response Time – How long it takes them to reply.

While you cannot manually adjust these stats, you do have the opportunity to improve them over time. Responding to all messages in your account inbox in a timely manner will update your response rate to 100% and reduce your listed response time. 

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