The Weekly Digest email is one of our optional email subscriptions that is sent out every Thursday and features a collection of all of the latest listings for a particular location. Each email is compiled based on location and listing date, so if there are no newly published or promoted listings in your area, you won't receive a Weekly Digest email. 

In popular locations where sellers publish and promote their listings often, a random assortment of these listings will appear in each Weekly Digest. This is because the total number of latest listings exceeds the available space within the Weekly Digest email.

If you have recently published or promoted a listing and it didn't appear in your Weekly Digest email, it may have:

  • not been included in your version of the Weekly Digest, but will be included in different versions of the Weekly Digest email for other members in your area.
  • not been promoted or published within the weekly time frame. We recommend promoting your listing late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning to ensure your listing makes the cut.
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