A Bounced account status means that our non-optional email notifications were unable to be delivered to your personal email inbox successfully and were returned to our server. Bounced emails can either either be a permanent failure or a temporary failure to deliver the email, based on the conditions with your mail server.

If your account shows a Bounced account status, contact customer support to have your account re-enabled. To prevent your account from getting marked as Bounced again, we recommend:

  • double-checking your account email address to verify that there are no typos and that your email address is currently active. Incorrectly typed email addresses are considered invalid and cannot receive emails.
  • searching for any Apartment Therapy Marketplace emails in your spam of junk folder and removing the spam or junk label. Flagged emails helps determine how your ESP assigns your future emails.
  • adding our email addresses to your contacts list as a safeguard: marketplace@apartmenttherapy.com & marketplacenotifications@apartmenttherapy.com
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