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Apartment Therapy Marketplace is temporarily removing the payment platform to completely rebuild it. As of May 22nd, sellers will no longer be able to request payment from buyers using the secure payment platform. Creating or updating a Seller Payment Account will be disabled after June 1st. For users with an existing Seller Payment Account, the withdrawing funds tool is available until June 30th. You can also contact customer support at for assistance withdrawing funds manually (via check or PayPal).

Your Apartment Therapy Marketplace Seller Payment account is where you enter your personal and bank information that is necessary for withdrawing available funds and depositing them directly into your bank account. You can set up your Seller Payment account under your payment settings here. You'll only need to set up your Seller Payment account once unless the information changes.

For security purposes, there is a one time 2-day hold on all new payment accounts in order to verify the information. This is usually not an issue unless you set up your payment account after a sale. Please note that this delay happens only for new or updated seller payment accounts and all future withdraws are immediate.

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