The Sell It button is a embeddable bookmarklet that allows you to transfer or import listings from other online marketplaces within seconds!

  1. Sign into your Apartment Therapy Marketplace account and go to our Sell It Button page
  2. Drag the Sell It button bookmarklet from the center of the page onto your browser's bookmarks bar
  3. In another browser tab, find your listing on the other marketplace (Do not sign into your account on their site) and click on the installed Sell It Button on your bookmarks bar
  4. A pop-up will appear with your listing information, edit as needed
  5. Choose to either Save as Draft or Publish immediately
  6. A green dialog box will appear letting you know you have successfully created a new listing.
  7. Switch back to the Apartment Therapy Marketplace tab and click on your Manage listings page, you will now see the listings you have transferred over.

After you have installed the Sell It button the first time, you can continue to create new listings following steps 3-7 using your saved Sell It button.

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