Adding a Title

The title is the first thing that a potential buyer sees about your item in the search results. We recommend including the most relevant details about your item including, but not limited to:

Condition: Handmade, Like New, Vintage
: West Elm, Apple, Dyson
Item Type
: Chair, TV, Vacuum Cleaner
: Bar height, Flat Screen, Robotic
: Pair, Set of Four, Lot
: Local, Reclaimed, Organic

Writing the Description

The description, or juicy details, is where you can divulge any information about your item that will offer the greatest overall depiction of your item as well as any transaction terms you want to specify. That includes, but is not limited to:

Item History: Manufacturer Details, Prior Owners, Proof of Authenticity
Item Details
: Size Dimensions, Items Defects, Transportation Tips
: Original Purchase Price, Shipping/Delivery Fee, Discounts/Sales
Seller's Terms
: Refund/Return Policy, Shipping/Delivery Options, Availability

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