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Apartment Therapy Marketplace is temporarily removing the payment platform to completely rebuild it. As of May 22nd, sellers will no longer be able to request payment from buyers using the secure payment platform. Creating or updating a Seller Payment Account will be disabled after June 1st. For users with an existing Seller Payment Account, the withdrawing funds tool is available until June 30th. You can also contact customer support at for assistance withdrawing funds manually (via check or PayPal).

When paying online, there is a gap of time between the receiving payment and delivering the item, which opens up concerns by both parties. With our integrated payment platform, the funds are secured for the seller and the buyer has peace of mind that they didn’t just send money to a stranger. 

It works like this:

  1. A member will express interest in your item by sending you a message with any relevant questions.
  2. You can begin the transaction by sending a Payment Request from within the conversation thread. You can request the full payment and delivery/shipping costs (if applicable) or just a partial payment as a deposit to secure an in-person transaction. Once a member pays through the website, the funds are automatically secured by Apartment Therapy Marketplace.
  3. After payment, you will be prompted to confirm delivery details by selecting Confirm Delivery. This is where you will be able to confirm that the item has been picked up or if shipping or delivery was scheduled, add the order’s tracking number, shipping carrier, shipping date, estimated arrival date and an optional seller’s note.
  4. After pick up or delivery, the member then confirms receipt of the item. This action closes the transaction and releases the funds to your account. If the buyer does not confirm receipt, the funds will be released to your account 48 hours after confirming delivery.
  5. At this point, you can withdraw your available funds directly to your bank account by clicking on Withdraw Funds. Don't forget to close your listing by marking it as sold!
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