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Apartment Therapy Marketplace is temporarily removing the payment platform on May 31st to completely rebuild it. While the payment platform is under construction, you can still use the integrated messaging system to negotiate the price, delivery method and any additional fees before moving your purchase off of Apartment Therapy Marketplace. You can find alternative payment methods on our Trust And Safety page.

When paying online, there is a gap of time between payment and receiving your item, which opens up concerns by both parties. With our integrated payment platform, the funds are secured for the seller and the buyer has peace of mind that they didn’t just send money to a stranger. 

It works like this:

  1. You can ask any questions before buying an item by sending the seller an inquiry. To do this, click the Contact Seller button on the listing and write your message. We encourage buyers to ask about all pertinent details like item condition, pick up details and return policy.
  2. Once you are ready to send payment, ask the seller to send you a Payment Request. This option will include the item amount, delivery type/fee (if applicable) and a Pay Now button.
  3. Just click on the Pay Now button to pay for the item securely online using a credit card. Please note that this payment is held by Apartment Therapy Marketplace for the seller until the transaction is closed. 
  4. After payment, the seller will be prompted to confirm delivery details for the item pick-up or if delivery was scheduled, the order’s tracking number, shipping carrier/date, and estimated arrival date.
  5. Once the item arrives, you can then Confirm Receipt of the item. This action closes the transaction and releases the funds to the seller.

    If you have any concerns about your order, please contact Apartment Therapy Marketplace support at before confirming receipt of the item. If you do not confirm receipt (and do not reach out to support), the funds will be released to the seller 48 hours after they confirm delivery.
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